new JSMeta revision - 0.3 or something?

Sorry, I was distracted from JSMeta by the .NET world for a week while I ported JSMeta to C#/Silverlight as an experiment slash proof-of-concept, which was more than sufficiently successful, btw.

Now MGraph projections are recognized, but they don't do anything yet. :) Toggleable XAML and M code output to be added tomorrow.

syntax Main
= something:any+ => id(something)[or => valuesof(other)];

Here's the full change/commitlog:

- added MGraph (projections) recognition (but they're still noops, just like the
variable/symbol assignments/bindings)
- lots of performance/responsiveness improvements, such as canceling the current
parse attempt if another key is pressed in the input or grammar window (kinda
difficult in single-threaded, async-emulated JS), and added lots of "fastfail"
error() combinators in the DynamicParser generator.
- fixed bug with required-interleave accepting only one interleave character
- added new shortcut combinators UseFirst & UseSecond
- added smarter error location reporting for the die/error combinators
- added some more parser tests as a result of working on JSMetaSheet (online
spreadsheet workalike, don't try it though, yet. Goals: minimal computation,
maximally responsive UI.) :) The columns resize and cells edit/navigate
generally as expected, but formulas don't evaluate at the moment in most
browsers. :) Yes, as usual I spent way too long on the details of the UI.
Please, no one let me do UI development; I'm sorta (comparatively) slow at it.
- fixed an off-by-one error (wait, TWO off-by-one errors; ha) in the left-
recursion handling (finally discovered after an all-day debugging/diagnosis
session while working on JSMetaSheet. That kinda burned me out for a few
days... As someone commented, "that's part of the price of doing meta-meta-

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